"The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago,
the second best moment is now"

10 years developing
relationship strategies
with the environment

The EcoHasar program started its foundations
in 2010 where it was launched
una fuerte puesta en práctica de la
administración ecológica dejando de lado
simple passive adherence, thus advancing
in the best decision making for
la preservación del medio ambiente.

EcoHasar Actions

En Grupo Hasar hemos logrado distintos acuerdos y nos fijamos distintas metas
to preserve the environment and ecology

espacio EcoHasar-05
  • Agreement with foundations for the recycling of electronic scrap.
  • Campaigns for the recycling of paper and plastic lids.
  • ECOfriendly packaging for product lines.
  • Water awareness and care campaigns.
  • Waste collection system segmented by categories.
  • Control of manufacturing waste.
  • Production with very low levels of scrap.
  • Zero lead on new tax controller boards.

Let's take care of the environment, let's take care of life

Climate Action

Climate change is a matter of concern worldwide, at Grupo Hasar we practice initiatives to promote a more ecological and sustainable future.

Friendly products

Grupo Hasar as a technology company has studied the various possibilities of developing products that help the planet ecologically.

Sustainable chain

We develop ecological management with our partners participating through business chambers with the aim of contributing to sustainable growth.


Grupo Hasar communicates the policies of its environmental care program to all its employees, taking into account the opinion of each one of them, making the preservation of the planet a commitment for all.